Ukraine Qualiko Chicken Thigh Frozen 900g


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The company slaughters poultry according to Islamic Law under the permanent control and supervision of representatives of the HALAL Certification and Research Centre.

Adherence to Halal standards prevents any possible contamination or accumulation of harmful substances in chicken meat.

This makes our chicken suitable for consumption by Muslims, and guarantees the highest quality and safety of our products.

All MHP enterprises have introduced integrated food safety management systems, which adhere to the highest international standards.

BRC certifitaction guarantees standardization of quality, safety and operational procedures of our enterprises to ensure the best poultry.

Production of Qualiko chicken is a fully integrated process. This means that we implement quality control at every stage of production. Learn more here.
From the seed through the growing process and harvest, MHP had worked along with an independent and competent government authority to certify and verify its non-GMO status.

All the company’s poultry products are compliant with all legal requirements relating to the labeling and traceability of GMO’s.